Your Treatment Plan

You can start your acupuncture sessions at anytime, before, during or after your hospital treatment. If you are able to start before your therapy you will get the chance to experience the benefits separately to the effects of your medicine.

If your first treatment is during your therapy this is absolutely fine and will not detract from the benefits. Treatment does tend to be cumulative so, if possible, weekly sessions are recommended. It’s not always possible to follow the recommended treatment plan, for many reasons, it is better to whatever you can manage. Home visits can be arranged.

If you have completed your active treatment and are now experiencing side effects from hormone therapy or from previous treatment acupuncture can still be beneficial.

Individual treatment plans will be put together at your first session. Please note that Chemotherapy patients are advised to have acupuncture either the day before or of their treatment.

What My Cancer Patients Say About Acupuncture 

I came to see Jo hull after being recommended by my oncologist as I was suffering terribly with hot flushes, having around 10 a day. Jo is very friendly and down to earth and I felt very comfortable with her immediately. The treatment rooms are light and airy. My hot flushes halved just after one treatment and by the third they had more or less stopped. I recommend anyone to give Jo a visit the results are truly remarkable. Thanks Jo xxx

Deborah, Brighton

I would like to thank you for the incredible impact of the acupuncture you have given in relation to my chemotherapy-induced menopausal symptoms. Until 2 weeks ago I was experiencing hot flushes, occasionally during the day but mostly from 6 p.m. and throughout the night. I was waking every 15 – 30 minutes at night with a hot flush, which was exhausting. I now have no hot flushes in the evening and I am not being woken by hot flushes at night. I can not express the difference this has made coping with my treatment. Thank you too for your kind and supportive nature.

Caroline, Brighton

Hello I'm Jo Darling
Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner
I’m an experienced Acupuncturist, passionate about helping you live a healthier, happier life. I love what I do at my Brighton & Hove acupuncture practice and have specialist interests in using acupuncture to assist fertility, to support cancer patients and pregnancy niggles as well as acupuncture to help women through menopause and for pain relief
I practice from my home Preston Park acupuncture clinic and Hove acupuncture clinic offering personalised, professional care, using acupuncture, moxa, cupping and electro-acupuncture where appropriate. I have also practiced Reflexology since 2006 and offer combined ‘Acureflex’ treatments – a wonderful combination of the wisdom of acupuncture and the soothing touch of reflexology.

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