Acupuncture supports natural and assisted conception

Acupuncture is a popular treatment choice for infertility. It can be used to support natural conception and assisted reproductive methods such as IVF. Jo has a wealth of experience helping patients to conceive. She works with both women and men to help them take charge of their fertility.

How Acupuncture Can Help You

Acupuncture trials in China have demonstrated greater pregnancy rates for acupuncture than for medication. It’s believed acupuncture benefits fertility by regulating hormones, increasing blood flow to reproductive organs and reducing the effects of PCOS (a common causes of female infertility). <<READ MORE>>

Common Fertility Issues Treated

Acupuncture can help support a wide range of issues that could be affecting your fertility. Jo works with both men and women to help them achieve optimum conditions for conception. Whether you’re experiencing period problems or issues your sperm, it’s worth trying acupuncture.<<READ MORE>>

Supporting Assisted Conception, IVF, IUI

Research shows that specific acupuncture protocols can increase the success rates of IVF and are often recommended by fertility clinics worldwide. Acupuncture aims to enhance the effects of IVF treatment whilst helping to reduce side effects such as bloating, hormone imbalance and headaches. <<READ MORE>>

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